About Us

UNIFORM is a clothing company founded by award-winning social enterprise Liberty & Justice.

The brand explores modern minimalist and luxury-infused streetwear while referring to long lost foundational elements of the culture. Our brand is built on collaboration. UNIFORM has collaborated with everyone from Shaq to Tiger Mom, Amy Chua.

With each purchase, UNIFORM's signature +1 program produces and donates a school uniform to a child who otherwise could not attend school.  According to research from MIT's Poverty Action Lab, donated school uniforms increase attendance by up to 62%, increase test scores by 0.25 standard deviations, and for every three young girls that receives a free uniform, two will delay their first pregnancy.

All UNIFORM apparel that is sold or donated is made In Africa in order to provide jobs to working mothers in countries ranging from Liberia to Uganda. We measure our impact based on the number of children we support in furthering their education, the number of women we help to employ in ethical factories, and our general influence on fashion's culture in the movement from exploitation to justice.